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I am paranoid, so this journal is friends-only. Seeing as I am duller than a butter knife, you're not missing much.

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9 to 5, alison bechdel, angelyne, ann bannon, anne taintor, anti-oppression, baggy clothes, bea arthur, bears, beverly cleary, bingo, booji boy, calvin trillin, camp, cataloging, charles nelson reilly, cheese fries, cheese grits, cheesecake, cherry aimless, cherry ames, chip kidd, chocolate malts, clip art, contrarians, critical theory, cupcakes, david sedaris, dawn french, del taco, designing women, diners, dippin dots, divine, dolly parton, dorothy parker, drawn and quarterly, dual citizenship, ernie bushmiller, estelle getty, fat acceptance, fat fags, fat men, fat people, feminism, fiestaware, fried food, gender, gender theory, get your war on, gossip, graphic design, grits, harvey star washington, hawaiian shirts, howard cruse, ice cream, illinois, jacqueline susann, jean hill, jean teasdale, john waters, jughead, kitsch, lesbian romance novels, libraries, lifetime, lynda barry, making trouble, mama cass, manifestos, marlys, maurice vellekoop, mental hygiene, michael hurley, midwestern weirdness, miss manners, molly ivins, nancy drew, neely o'hara, paul reubens, pee-wee herman, pinball, pizza, postcolonialism, public transportation, punk science, queer, queerness, radical cataloging, radical librarianship, richard mcguire, rock hudson, romance novels, rotary telephones, rue mclanahan, sanford berman, sarah bird, semantic ambiguity, sincerity, sissies, sleeping, snarkiness, striped socks, sweet valley high, syntactic ambiguity, taco johns, tater tot casserole, tater tot hotdish, tattoos, the collinsville catsup bottle, the golden girls, the holy modal rounders, the mountain goats, the sassy triumvirate, the simpsons, the unholy modal rounders, the young ones, they might be giants, this american life, trans activism, true story magazine, true story romance special, typography, valley of the dolls, waffle house, western shirts, wonder woman, young adult fiction, zines
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